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Check Your Online Brand Image On Reddit, HackerNews Using AI

Check Your Online Brand Image On Reddit, HackerNews Using AI

This article covers a simple method to check the online brand image on Reddit and Hacker News using AI. The internet is a good place to get.... Look at's TOS. To test this, let's log out and check out the site and see if we can delete a link. Image for post. ERRROROROROROROROR.. r/hackernews: A mirror of Hacker News' best submissions. ... Using AI to match human performance in translating news from Chinese to English ... Some Rich Americans Are Getting Stimulus 'Checks' Averaging $1.7M reddit's search has been a running joke for as long as I've been using reddit* and I worry that ... If you look at an image board a decade ago and compare it to now, the goal of a ... It's just covered in a thick layer of corporate shit sites. ... And of course, all the well-known personal assistant AI's rely on it quite a bit, although.... Honey aims to be the first intranet that workers gladly use. ... Hacker News, and even Reddit though Nyan Cat is nowhere to be found. ... to block sites like Reddit, he created a corporate communication tool ... The responsive site is easy to use on the go and makes checking up ... Images Courtesy: Honey.. With 1.6 million page views and 200,000 unique visitors on a given ... Now that Reddit is so much more popular, the top links tend to be images, ... The difference between Hacker News and Reddit, however, is the voting system. ... BlueOcean uses automation to deliver affordable brand audits in seven days.. Efficiently using API limits at exchanges is an optimization problem in and of itself. ... we'd constantly check the latency between each open SSL connection and use the ... (I'm doing a trading bot as a way to raise capital to create an AI research lab). ... There was a "fun" post on reddit with someone that made a fortune out of.... You just need to take a look at ... I'd like to see some 'AI' assisted tagging, where users are prompted to use a tag from a ... bad image boards is also part of their systemic design, just like it is with hn, ... It's a rough thing to allow anonymous comments and also foster a community online.. Reddit calls itself The Front Page of the Internet, and there's never been a more ... with Reddit, you can register an account without having to verify your email. ... Post incredible photos, videos, ask for help or suggestions (and be prepared for ... with Reddit, as he was able to reach the kind of brand-engaged audience he.... Author profile picture ... Check out the clone at ... Today, I'll show you how you can use a product we're building called Threadbase ... you to make your own Hacker News, Product Hunt or Reddit-style ... If you've ever wanted to build your own online community, give.... These companies use artificial intelligence to change the way people travel. ... Personalized hotel booking and money for delayed flights: 9 reasons why AI is a ... What it does: Pana is an AI-powered corporate travel platform built for recruiters and ... and security check times and even finding compensation for flight delays.. Hacker News new | past | comments | ask | show | jobs | submit login ... The website is online again now! ... Check out this URL - ... but you can choose to activate deep learning to analyze sentiment with Google AI's BERT (trained on Twitter messages), though it is quite slow at.... OpenAI is Using Reddit to Teach An Artificial Intelligence How to Speak ( ... While it can answer your questions and check your understanding (it's a First ... and then leaves a good PR comment for whichever brand has the highest ... If we get that far, "AI" will be able to keep the Internet and the.... I was trying to use adaptive model-based control as a form of machine learning. ... Simulations are always a simplification of reality and leave a lot out of the picture. ... Game NPCs don't need AI, which would be way overkill; they just need to ... In some sense you can think of interfacing w/ the online world + trying to win.... I've collected more data from Hacker News, AngelList and Quora, to make the ... that allows anyone to create, collaborate and share Gantt Charts online with drag ... checking tool to catch bugs on your website (broken links, missing images, ... logo and graphic assets, set up a few base colors from your brand palette and...

Author profile picture ... tl;dr: One submission on Hacker News sent over 16,000 visitors to ... brand awareness, that can make a huge impact on your business. ... It convinced us with the thought that we could be featured on Hacker ... Around 5 minutes later, I checked the submission and wow, 2 points.. r/GrowthHacking: The process of optimizing each aspect of a product for growth. A **growth hacker** ... I'm currently hiring for a marketer to help me build out a brand here on Reddit and elsewhere. It's in the ... That's why we've developed a Norns AI. It does 2 things: ... Check it, give it a try, and share your results with us!. Shoelace 2.0 release: UI toolkit that works with all frameworks or none at all ... Show HN: A completely different way to write responsive, vanilla, CSS.... Designed to be a gift to the online community of Reddit, it took off ... and if you don't toe the corporate line in the US, they shut you down. ... a human look at a random image, identify the objects, and then use ... an image recognition algorithm paired with a AI tag parsing program generating a related image.


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